Decor 200 как подключить

decor 200 как подключить
Электрические Малой мощности 2 — 6 кВт Средней мощности 9 — 18 кВт Большой мощности 20 — кВт. Там три контакта - фаза L, ноль N и еще один контакт Ls, который по схеме объединяется с фазой через выключатель.

Redial The phone will automatically dial the last number dialled.

Вентилятор Decor 200 C

Warning Your Decor is only designed to be operated in a normal office or domestic environment. Комментарий: Начал подключить при работе спустя годая так и не понял в чем причина поломки, решил просто купить другой. To store a phone number you have dialled When making a phone call, you can store the number you have just dialled.

Quickdial 2 Press the location under which the number you require is stored. The display shows the number dialled. M1 M2 M3 You can store a number on each of these buttons and dial the number by pressing just one button; so there is no need to dial all the digits every time. M1 The phone number is dialled automatically. Недостатки: Слишком громкий, есть модели потише.

Бытовой накладной вентилятор Decor 200 CR

E Dial the phone number to be stored. Use to store phone numbers in the memory. Installing your Decor 1 Situating your Decor Situate your Decor close enough to a phone socket so that the cables will reach. JKL5 The phone number dialled is now stored.

decor 200 как подключить

Quickdial button Allows you to родключить up to 10 numbers stored in the memories under the keypad. Press the QUICKDIAL button. The display shows the number. Quickdial Lift the handset.

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Поделючить receive a call When the phone rings pick up the handset and speak. The number is now stored. Handset hook Keeps the handset in place when the phone has been wall-mounted ABC2 1 DEF 3 M1 M2 M3 Store Handset park When the Decor is wall-mounted, you can hook the handset on this if you need to temporarily move away from the phone.

Store Press the keypad button under which you want to store the number. Press the REDIAL button. It should not be used in bathrooms or near water. Do not stand it on carpets or defor similar surfaces that generate fibres. Before пощключить the handset press the STORE button twice. When you unpack you must have: Decor phone with telephone line cable attached Screws and wall plugs for wall mounting 3 3 We thank you for making the right choice and expect that your phone will give you many years of quality service.

To store numbers in the memory you use the HI LO The ringer volume switch is located on the underside of your Decor and effects the volume at which your phone rings. Do not cover or enclose the machine; allow a free flow of air to its surfaces.

decor 200 как подключить

To end the call, replace the handset. The number stored in that location is automatically replaced by the new number.

Ужасно конечно шумный, можно. JKL5 The phone number is dialled automatically. Redial button Redials the last number dialled. Quickdial memory label Use the memory label to keep a record of which location code you have used for each number.

Stored numbers can include switchboard and network services that use the Q and buttons as well as the PAUSE function. Each memory location ddcor store a maximum of 16 digits.

decor 200 как подключить

Your Decor can be wall-mounted. LOW A quiet ring. Please read the instructions carefully before use, and keep this User Guide for future reference. Store Display shows E. This is a chargeable service.

decor 200 как подключить

To dial a number stored in the Quickdial memory 1 Lift the handset. Press the STORE button. At a glance 1 IMPORTANT Check that your Decor is complete.

decor 200 как подключить

To store a pause in акк memory With some switchboards, after dialling the access code you may have to wait for a moment while the Инструкция по эксплуатации BT, модель DECOR Чтобы скачать, введите 2 цифры: Оценок - подключчитьсредний балл: Достоинства: Хорошая вытяжка воздуха. Repeat these steps for any other numbers you want to store, using a different location code for each one. Your Decor is now ready for use.

decor 200 как подключить

Using your Decor To make a call 1 Lift the handset and listen for a dialling tone. Lift up the plastic cover and label to reveal the STORE button. There are two settings: HI A loud ring; your Decor is preset to this position.

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